The world has changed.

But some things remain the same.

It all began back in 2015, when we launched to offer Dubai foodies impartial restaurant reviews. But we had big dreams and as the business grew, our dreams did too. Over the last 5 years, we began creating content, telling brand stories, and we realized our passion for supporting our friends in the F&B community, so they could get their unique perspective out into the world.

Then 2020 threw us all a curveball we couldn’t have anticipated. While everything has changed, one thing’s remained the same: our goal is to support Dubai’s F&B Community, perhaps more than ever before.

While we can no longer spend wistful hours together around a table, shisha in hand, brainstorming for the future – we can do it right here.

This is the FoodSheikh F&B Community Forum. A place where we can connect. A place where we can brainstorm solutions, develop ideas, and find clarity. A place where we can create, support, and share.

Join us by clicking register. You’ll then have the option to register quickly by connecting to LinkedIn or by filling out a few questions on a form. Once you’re verified, you’ll gain access to the forum, where you’ll see a wide range of topics important to our industry. Get involved in one of them or start your own. It’s up to you. Just remember to be kind, patient, and authentic. We’d love for each member to be an active participant, but if you’re a little shy, don’t worry, that’s ok. Just know that this is a safe space that only verified members of the F&B Community can access.

We’re all part of this beautiful, inspiring, and creative industry. Instead of letting this situation rip us apart, let’s use it as an opportunity to rally together and support one another. Here’s to creating new connections, strengthening old ones, and working together to overcome any obstacle that life throws our way.

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