NAME: Arrows and Sparrows

WE ARE: Arrows and Sparrows aims to create an environment that leaves you feeling inspired about food and coffee.

DATE OPENED: 10/05/2016

WHO’S BEHIND IT: The duo behind Friends’ Avenue Café in JLT, Davron Hamidov and Zee Alikhonov.

LOCATION: The Greens

STREET ADDRESS: Emaar Business Park, Building 4 Dubai, United Arab Emirates

WEBSITE: www.arrowssparrows.com

PHONE: 045588141

E-MAIL: sayhello@arrowsparrows.com

TWITTER: @arrowssparrows



Arrows and Sparrows is the next café project by the founders of Friends’ Avenue, one of the most successful cafes in Dubai. Since our doors opened at the beginning of 2015, we have been overwhelmed with the support and identity that Friends Avenue has become in the local community, and love that we have become a destination cafe that people talk about and want to visit from afar. As stated by Time Out Dubai, Friends Avenue Café has managed to create ‘a neat mixture of urban edge and domestic coziness’.

Arrows and Sparrows aims to create an environment that leaves you feeling inspired about food and coffee. We set ourselves very high standards to producing what we believe is an experience that you want to remember.

Arrows and Sparrows will inspire and energize people of Dubai, the city that rewards excellence, which is what we strive to achieve in our operations. We start with the best coffee in town and with the team of the best baristas in the city we will add amazing local art, and bring you the most exciting coffee experience. Our food philosophy stands for creating casual, simple yet complex in flavor, full of nutrition food that balances out your daily sustainability and amazes not only your eyes, but tastes too. We bring on a table the food made of the finest ingredients and by people with great passion to cook. Casual in its nature, the vibe in the café is all about relaxed atmosphere where people can find themselves tucked away from their stressful daily routine, unwind and chill around the good company. Friendly staff with smile on their faces are always here to help to satisfy your growling stomach and silent scream for coffee (a.k.a. yawn).

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