FoodSheikh is committed to celebrating the city of Dubai and the food culture that resides here.  We want to tell the very best stories, the FoodSheikh way – with honesty and a sense of fun.

We’ve hooked up with the awesome guys at Emblem to put together a little video for you.  Emblem, by the way, are an awesome video production house that have all the best-looking cameras and light boxes and stuff.  They’re also cool guys to work with –  they got a ton of energy and ideas.  They also brought shawarmas to the shoot as well.  Check them out at

By the way, if you have a food story you think we should tell, please get in touch!

Now, let me tell you about a guy I know…

Salem Al Attas is part of the future.  Young, educated, open minded and humble, Salem represents a new generation of Emiratis who have their feet firmly rooted in tradition, but their ambitions lie up in the stars or somewhere close to them.

I saw some of Salem’s work online and reached out to him to see if he wanted to collaborate and talk about food.  He replied quickly and with enthusiasm.



Salem is a creative – a muse with intelligence and humour in abundance. He is ambitious and confident and is almost always late to everything.

When I asked where we should meet he suggested Alserkal Ave.  Of course.  He was performing there at 7 pm – I should arrive early so we could have a decent chat.  He eventually walked in at 6:59 and gave me a hug like I was an old friend.

I have a feeling he probably has plenty of old friends.  I told him I wanted him to talk about food.  He said, “Perfect, I’ve got a lot to say.”


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